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Smithfield Winery

Then and Now

     What started as a hobby and an attempt to make fresh wines grew into a brick and mortar location in 2013. The dream of  becoming a house of bubbly took shape with the purchase of the building at 117 N. Church Street, in the heart of historic downtown Smithfield. The initial building had an interesting history of hosting a multitude of functionalities including being a  laundromat and for public works storage. After extensive construction and a total revamp of the interior and exterior of the building we opened our tasting room to the public. (Be sure to check out our, "Then & Now Gallery" for all the revitalization that has taken place!) 


In 2016, with an absolutely overwhelming positive response to our bubblies and near daily requests for private events, we decided to take our original dreams to its next phase and expand. Buildings 119 and 121 N. Church Street became part of the Smithfield Winery Family. However, the difficult decision was made to close our beloved tasting room during the extensive construction process. After years of renovating and the almost total reconstruction of the interiors and exteriors of these buildings, we began to slowly reopen by hosting private events. 

Over the next few years we experienced both personal and public adversities that directly impacted our plans to move forward with reopening our public tasting room. However, despite the hardships we encountered during this time we purchased a commercial grade champagne bottling line, in the hopes of one day being able to produce several of our adored bubblies on a larger scale. It is still that dream that continues to drive us, and with the expansion of events we move closer and closer to accomplishing those dreams.

For those of you that have been with us and supported us in the face of adversity, thank you does not even begin to cover our gratitude and love that we have for each of you. We hope that those of y'all we have opened wines with, popped bubblies with, and made memories with will continue to share your times here, and we look forward to the day that we can share in those tasting room experiences again. In the meantime we continue to host some of the most wonderful weddings and private events in Virginia. Besides the completely custom and dream-like setting within our venue, we offer an added element of privacy and exclusivity that sets our location apart from public locations. Unmatched intimacy and charm is our greatest compliment and only adds to a level of attention to detail that we strive to deliver at each event. 

     Behind the scenes, we have continued and will continue  to craft small batches of our bubblies and still wines for our couples and private events. Each of our bottles is a labor of love – we take great care and pride knowing our wines and bubblies meet our standards of perfection and will be enjoyed by our friends, family, and wonderful clients.  Our wines and bubblies are handcrafted with no outsourcing. What you experience in your glass you can rest assured has been hand foraged onsite and cultivated by our in house winemaker. The Weiss family first began making still wines in small batches at home. Stationed in various locations overseas, we were fortunate to experience winemaking first hand at several local and family vineyards. Eventually moving back stateside, we continued and honed our winemaking skills and expanded into the creation of sparkling wines that we lovingly call bubblies. Our passion for making bubbly is evergreen, and we know we will continue to create sparkling wines that transformed the way we know and drink them! 


About  Natasha 

     I believe you must bring your whole self to the table if you want to thrive in today’s crazy world; your personality, your sense of humor, and most importantly, your heart. All of these elements brought me to start Smithfield Winery and Events Venue. Ever since we launched this endeavor as a family in 2010 and we have never regretted a moment. I graduated from Sweet Briar College in 2011 with a B.S. in Engineering, and in 2012, I completed my certification in Viticulture and Enology from U.C. Davis. Making bubblies and running events has been a passion for me, for over a decade, and I continue to fall in love with my dream job each year that passes. If you have ever emailed, called, or texted the winery then you have undoubtedly spoken with myself. As an owner and avid social butterfly, I take great pride in working directly with each and every person who enters the winery. I am always excited to meet new people, and I look forward to meeting and working with each of you to fulfill your dreams!

-With All My Love and Bubbles,

Natasha Weiss

(The Madame Bubbly)

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